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Backlash for Judge who convicted Taseer’s assassin

The title comes right off yesterday’s (October, 05, 2011) on line edition of Dawn. What is interesting to note is that a judge’s (Pervez Ali Shah) office was attacked after a protest against the conviction of Mumtaz Qadri. According to dawn these attackers were none other then the lawyers themselves. The judge is now on indefinite leave and might even be transferred because of the security situation this conviction has created for him.

Irony is that it was the lawyers attacking his office, the ones that are suppose to be catching culprits in courtrooms after much deliberation and thought with honest judgment. They are suppose to help uphold law and order in the country yet these days more often then not, they are the ones found breaking property/public property and terrorizing people/entities on a regular basis.


This blog post refers to this article on an Internet based Pakistani news paper “The News” (Dated June 23, 2010). The article talks about The Lahore High court’s direction to Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to block Google, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail and several other websites because they promote sacrilegious material.

I can understand the good intentions of LHC but I really wonder if these lawyers have ever “googled” (well known term used for searching information on the web) anything or have email accounts on Google, Yahoo or Hotmail because those who have are in for a lot of irritation and frustration.

One can only hope that PTA uses some common sense in this matter and only block pages/content (if they have to) that is unavoidable rather than crippling the complete information flow in Pakistan.

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Pakistan says will abide by US sanctions on Iran

The title is quoted from the article (Dated: June 21, 2010) on the online Pakistani newspaper dawn. According to the article, Mr. Richard Holbrook wants Pakistan to wait and see the final legislation before going ahead with the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline deal. The legislation is suppose to put more sanctions on Iran due to its Nuclear Programme. The prime minister of Pakistan, Mr Yousuf Raza Gilani has stated that Pakistan will abide by any sanctions imposed by USA on Iran.

As much as that might be important (and maybe good) with respect to international community in general and USA in particular, it is extremely bad news for Pakistan and the people living (and not to mention suffering) in Pakistan. I do not know much about politics and the dealings of Pakistan at national and international level but Mr. Yousuf Raza Gilani should definitely ask the USA to do more to sort out Pakistan’s energy crisis if it is to be responsible for sanctions that will affect Pakistan’s chances of improving their energy sector.

It is a fact well known world over that Pakistan has already suffered immensely at the hands of the “War on Terror”. Now, if any imposed sanctions on Iran are to create new ways of damaging the already failing and severely troubled energy sector of Pakistan, then the international community especially the USA should step up and do more to rectify this situation. They should help Pakistan in achieving her energy needs. It is sad to see that Pakistan has to suffer at the hands of the international community again and again in its willingness to help them achieve their goals and interests.

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Scrum scrum scrum scrum scrum …

The other day, I was searching for some scrum stuff on the Internet and I found that my article on helium had reached the top  (Number 1). The article talks about the nitty-gritty of Scrum, an agile methodology which is becoming more popular by the day.

If you are interested in Scrum, this might be a good place to start your journey into the unknown. You can learn about scrum by following the link: Heard the buzz about scrum: Want to know more. Good Luck!

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Peeking into Windows 7

And there you have it … we are reaching the brink of the launch of yet another windows version known as “Windows 7”. The launch date has been announced to be October 22, 2009.

I cannot find a logical reason why Microsoft was in such a hurry to bring fourth a new Windows version. However, one possible reason might be that Windows Vista was not impressive enough. They do actually kind of admit that when they market Window 7 by stating that Windows 7 builds on Windows Vista with better perfomance, reliability and easy of use. They also claim that user feedback to Windows Vista has been kept largely under consideration to bring in the features most demanded.

Oh by the way, the Release Candidate for Windows 7 is available for a free on the Microsoft Windows website (and here is the link: Remember that it is only available until August 2008. If you are a technology enthuisiast and want to impress the people at your work place and/or want to help Microsoft find bugs in their new OS version grab a DVD and burn a Windows 7 RC for yourself.

Good luck and have fun =)

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After I read the book and saw the movie, two things were obvious :

  1. The next time Edward and his family want to move anywhere for holidaying, Sweden will welcome them with warm … err … cold, dark and gloomy hands.
  2. It is definitely more fun to be a vampire than be a mere mortal. Everyone should get a chance to eternal life and drinking blood feels like a fun thing to do; get some hemoglobin into the system. Chics “dig” that kind of thing these days no? 😉

I actually liked the book probably because I was already a fan of all things “Vampire” but also because the book brought fresh concepts and new perspectives about the mystical creatures of the dark. The author nicely morphed a blood thirsty monster into an angel. This has happened in the past with Buffy and Angel (ref: TV Series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”) but Stephenie Meyer definitely took it to another level where being a vampire is better than being a human. I was always happier knowing that Angel couldn’t have sex and burned in sunlight. It gave me the opportunity to mock him =D but this Edward guy makes me go back to the drawing board to find a chunk in his armor. Hell he shines like diamonds in Sunlight!!

All in all much fun and highly recommended both the book and the movie.

I read the news on


Inzamam-ul-Haq, the former Pakistan captain, believes the current team will perform better with a more experienced captain or coach at the helm. Pakistan have failed to win a Test – they have played six – under the pairing of Shoaib Malik and Geoff Lawson, and besides reaching the final of the ICC World Twenty20 in 2007, their only significant limited-overs win was in the Kitply Cup, which involved India and Bangladesh.

“You shouldn’t blame anybody for the bad result – neither the coach nor the captain,” Inzamam told DNA. “The thing is that they are both inexperienced. The board should see that if the captain is new, the coach should be an experienced one or the other way round. Shoaib Malik and Geoff Lawson are both new to the system. Lawson hasn’t coached at the bigger stage before this while Malik was made the captain without any prior experience.”

Ok, not that I do not hold Inzi as one of the best of his time in the world, but he really does not know what he is getting at. “Shoaib is a senior!!!! He has been in the cricketing scenario since forever now”. Shoaib Malik has been playing since Wasim Akram’s time for heavens sake. How long has it been for him then? He has been a captain for Pakistan for a while now and he has not produced bad results. He did manage to make a world record victory streak of 12 consequtive wins in one day internationals, and no, it does not matter who the opponents were because Shoaib Malik did not choose his opponents. A record is a record and this one goes to Shoaib Malik.

Also dear Inzi should know that after the disappointing defeat in the World Cup 2007, Pakistan won against Srilanka in Abu Dhabi. Also, just to mention, Pakistan was at that point in time, a recent looser against Ireland under the senior experienced leadership of Inzi (and late Bob Woolmer … though taking nothing away from him, I am sure he tried his best to produce the best) himself where as Srilanka were the finalists of the same world cup.

Pakistan was then the runner up in World Twenty20, loosing by 1 ball and 1 shot. Later, Pakistan won in the Kitply cup, and they just didn’t win, they won convincingly. After that Pakistan were runner ups in Asia cup, a match that was not lost without a fight either.

Very recently, Pakistan only lost in the final of Al-Baraka Cup 2008 against Srilanka after coming back from a long leave from international cricket. Again a match that Srilanka just didn’t win … the fight was until the very end.

Inzi should first consider the results of his own senior experienced leadership rather then disturbing the positive flow that Pakistan cricket has witnessed after his exit. He should concentrate on Lahore Badshahs for they just lost the first match against Royal Bengals by “8 wickets” in ICL 20-20 Indian Championship 2008/09.


Just when we thought all was OK, multiple blasts rip Pakistani cities apart. There seems to be no end to this menace and future seems bleak for cricket in Pakistani stadiums. Pakistan being the host for ICC Champions Trophy 2008 was much debated where several countries were very vocal about not wanting to come to Pakistan due to security concerns. These concerns will now only be alleviated and I do not understand how PCB will be able to defend the notion of Pakistan being secure enough to host a tournament as big as this.

Cricket is one of the few things that almost every Pakistani, young or old holds dear. It is something that works on the mood of the whole nation. A victory means happiness all around. Every single soul is found connected and engaged with the game. It doesn’t matter if one is an illiterate milk man or a highly educated professor in a university, each has his say and have a definite understanding of the game.

No cricket in the country will increase frustrations of the common populace which is already shattered due to the hardships faced by them day in and day out. A changed venue for ICC Champions Trophy 2008 would be very hurtful to cricket lovers of Pakistan, something which would be very hard to digest and very unhealthy for the game as well.

Let’s see how things progress …

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Chairman to the Rescue (Updates to the Asia Cup 2008)

I think Mr. Naseem Ashraf read my blog because he talked about all the same issues I did in my blog post “Kicking the wrong people“. It was nice to see that Shoaib Malik (the captain) and Goeff Lawson (the coach) being completely backed by the chairman. Dr. Naseem Ashraf also talked about the attitude and experience of players in the current Pakistani team and stated that the commitment of the Pakistani team cannot be doubted. Excerpts from a news article today on CricInfo read:

Reference: PCB chairman backs captain and coach by Cricinfo staff. Dated: July 5, 2008

However, on Friday, he said Pakistan were a young team that was improving. “It will take time to groom the players and we are doing our best in that,” he said. “Give me the same players who were part of the team in the 90s such as Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Saeed Anwar, Aamir Sohail and others and see the result. We don’t have the same talent that we had in the 80s and 90s and we have to accept that as a reality.”

Ashraf said he was happy with players’ attitude and their commitment. “I know personally the players are very committed. I can tell you that after we lost to Sri Lanka I went to the Pakistan dressing room and saw Shahid Afridi crying and wanting to be dropped from the team because he had not performed well. I saw Malik on a stretcher on drips and with cold packs on his body yet he went out and played in that match.

“I feel sorry when some people in such circumstances question the commitment of some players. I have told them to give 100% and even if they lose that is alright but they must give 100% effort.”

Sounds like exactly the message I wanted to pass along!

Pakistan yet again came out of the shadows with mind boggling victories against India and Bangladesh.

Pakistan vs. India (Victors: Pakistan)

In a must win match against India, Pakistan chased down India’s total of 308 in 45.1 overs of the alloted 50. The youngsters and the debutants gave nice performances which had a lot of character to them. India’s blazing opening start was first stopped in its tracks by the young fast bowler Abdur Rauf who took 2 quick wickets and later the debutant Saeed Ajmal kept the Indians in check by giving just 47 runs off hi 10 overs with 1 wicket. Mind you, this was a flat track with nothing favoring the bowlers.

On the batting front, Nasir Jamshed and Salman Butt started aggressively and were scoring faster than their Indian opening counter parts (V. Sehvag and G. Gambhir). Salman later got run out and Nasir completed a half century but had to leave because he was cramping up. A quick loss of Muhammad Yousuf brought Younis Khan and Misbah together for a partnership that saw Pakistan through. Younis’s 125 off 117 was majestic and Misbah’s 70 was nothing short of remarkable either.

Pakistan’s performance renewed hopes of Pakistan reaching the finals of the Asia Cup. Had Srilanka beat India the next day with Pakistan beating Bangladesh later on would have seen Pakistan against Srilanka in the final. Unfortunately, India won against Srilanka. I would however like to add that India would be thankful to Srilanka for resting their spinner A. Mendis. I can without a doubt say that he would have wrecked havoc on the Indians looking at the form he was in. The possible reason I can think of is that Srilakans did not want India to play A. Mendis for if India were to reach the final, they would let him loose on India for the first time then. As tricky and hard as A. Mendis can be to handle, he can be the difference maker in the final.

Pakistan vs. Bangladesh (Victors: Pakistan)

For me this was a no contest. Pakistani bowlers ripped through the Bangladeshi batsmen and restricted them to a mere 115 in a tournament where scores above 300 were a norm. All the bowlers were simply unreal especially Abdur Rauf (8 overs, 1 maiden and 3 wickets by giving away 24 runs) and Iftekhar Anjum (10 overs, 6 madens and 2 wickets by giving away mere 20 runs).

With the bat, Bangladesh were again kept at bay with an opening stand that took Pakistan through. Half centuries for both Salman Butt (56 of 62 balls) and Nasir Jamshed (52 of 56 balls) awarded Pakistan a 10 wicket victory (Pakistan’s first in the Asia Cup) in the 20th over with 2 balls to spare.

Since India had already won against Srilanka, Pakistan’s victory did not take them to the final, but having said that Pakistan proved themselves a force to reckon with and shut off many mouths which doubted Pakistan’s capabilities as a world class team.

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