Posted by: qambber | May 18, 2007

Spiderman 3

spidey3small1.jpg I was walking down Gustav Adolfs Torg (Incase you do not know where that is, it is in Malmo, Sweden) with my friends Tommy and Ahsan one fine friday thinking about watching Spiderman 3 because the real world had lost its flavour. Somthing was pushing me into becomming part of an experience that would take me back atleast 13 years in my youth when I first found out about the venomous Venom, sandy Sandman … the hoty Mary Jane, the nerdy Peter Parker and not to mention the failed son of a mad man and peters bud, harry.

The comming traffic brought a few people on skates, uh .. faces that had already seen spiderman 3 … the girls were begging us not to make the mistake of seeing … what … SPIDERMAN!! … “take a newspaper with you, its a long and boring one” she said … well gave us a second thought but we decided to experience spiderman 3 first hand and suffer the pain she suffered.

The movie was not half as bad as she said it was. I would actually put it at the top of the list ahead of XMen, Batman, Superman, Dare Devil … the Pink Panty man … etc. etc. etc. Atleast for me, since when I go to see a spiderman movie I expect to see some issues between Peter Parker and Mary Jane, and a lot of Web Slinging … The graphics were awsome and Peter actually showed another side of him … which was fun I must say … Jonnah Jamson did his bit horribly well and Mary Jane hanging in a dangerous place is always such a turn on …

I believe people who have not had the chance to read the comics or see the first two parts of Spiderman can not really enjoy the movie since there are always connections between such movies and part of the magic is that they remind one of a perticular portion of their past (if you didnt read the comics … you dont have that past) … and what I believe most is that this movie is for the boys and that there would definitly always be more guys loving this movie and less girls.


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