Posted by: qambber | July 2, 2008

Kicking the wrong people


Pakistan won the Kitply cup 2008 with flying colors beating India by a big margin but that did not happen before a 140 run defeat by the same opposition earlier in the tournament.


Pakistan is now playing the Aisa Cup 2008. She beat Hong Kong but there was nothing special about this win, in fact Pakistan in the end was actually lucky that this match did not become a carbon copy of their embarrassing (probably the most embarrassing of all time) loss to minnows Ireland back in the world cup 2007. Their match against India showed how much the Pakistani team lacked with the ball when India (thanks to massive contributions from S. Raina and V. Sehvag) chased down 299 by Pakistan in merely 42 overs and 1 ball out of the alloted 50 overs. The very next match against Srilanka showed how Pakistan lacked with the bat when they were unable to take on neither the Srilankan spinners nor the fast bowlers.

The result is that Pakistan is almost out of the tournament. The blame is being spilled on the coach and the captain. The news is always filled with reports of possible ouster of both coach and captain since it is all their fault that Pakistan contineously performs bad.

However, I would really like to argue this stance that its the captain and the coach who are responsible. I mean come on lets face it, Pakistan has a depleted team and has been a depleted team for a long time now. We don’t have Shoiab Akhtars or Muhammad Asifs in the team. Instead we have Fawad Alams (He made his first 50 against Hong Kong and his bowling average is 79.25 … OK benefit of the doubt for him because he has only played 10 ODIs) and a lot of new kids who have not reached the level that players of other countries have.

Pakistan will play India today and there will be debutants in the side. Predictions are that if Pakistan fails, the axe will fall on the captain and the coach. I think thats just kicking the wrong people because a captain and coach can’t level up kids and dabutants in one match. We just simply lack enough capable players because they have not had enough exposure and all the players that have exposure are either injured (Umer Gul), stupid (Muhammad Asif and Shoaib Akhtar) or simply not performing (Shahid Afridi).


My suggestion to PCB … guys please try to fix the real wrongs.



  1. […] Naseem Ashraf read my blog because he talked about all the same issues I did in my blog post “Kicking the wrong people“. It was nice to see the Shoaib Malik (the captain) and Goeff Lawson (the coach) being […]

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