Posted by: qambber | July 7, 2008

ICC Champions trophy 2008 in the midst of Karachi/Islamabad blasts

Just when we thought all was OK, multiple blasts rip Pakistani cities apart. There seems to be no end to this menace and future seems bleak for cricket in Pakistani stadiums. Pakistan being the host for ICC Champions Trophy 2008 was much debated where several countries were very vocal about not wanting to come to Pakistan due to security concerns. These concerns will now only be alleviated and I do not understand how PCB will be able to defend the notion of Pakistan being secure enough to host a tournament as big as this.

Cricket is one of the few things that almost every Pakistani, young or old holds dear. It is something that works on the mood of the whole nation. A victory means happiness all around. Every single soul is found connected and engaged with the game. It doesn’t matter if one is an illiterate milk man or a highly educated professor in a university, each has his say and have a definite understanding of the game.

No cricket in the country will increase frustrations of the common populace which is already shattered due to the hardships faced by them day in and day out. A changed venue for ICC Champions Trophy 2008 would be very hurtful to cricket lovers of Pakistan, something which would be very hard to digest and very unhealthy for the game as well.

Let’s see how things progress …


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