Posted by: qambber | October 15, 2008

Inzi complains about inexperienced captaincy … calls for senior more experienced captain

I read the news on


Inzamam-ul-Haq, the former Pakistan captain, believes the current team will perform better with a more experienced captain or coach at the helm. Pakistan have failed to win a Test – they have played six – under the pairing of Shoaib Malik and Geoff Lawson, and besides reaching the final of the ICC World Twenty20 in 2007, their only significant limited-overs win was in the Kitply Cup, which involved India and Bangladesh.

“You shouldn’t blame anybody for the bad result – neither the coach nor the captain,” Inzamam told DNA. “The thing is that they are both inexperienced. The board should see that if the captain is new, the coach should be an experienced one or the other way round. Shoaib Malik and Geoff Lawson are both new to the system. Lawson hasn’t coached at the bigger stage before this while Malik was made the captain without any prior experience.”

Ok, not that I do not hold Inzi as one of the best of his time in the world, but he really does not know what he is getting at. “Shoaib is a senior!!!! He has been in the cricketing scenario since forever now”. Shoaib Malik has been playing since Wasim Akram’s time for heavens sake. How long has it been for him then? He has been a captain for Pakistan for a while now and he has not produced bad results. He did manage to make a world record victory streak of 12 consequtive wins in one day internationals, and no, it does not matter who the opponents were because Shoaib Malik did not choose his opponents. A record is a record and this one goes to Shoaib Malik.

Also dear Inzi should know that after the disappointing defeat in the World Cup 2007, Pakistan won against Srilanka in Abu Dhabi. Also, just to mention, Pakistan was at that point in time, a recent looser against Ireland under the senior experienced leadership of Inzi (and late Bob Woolmer … though taking nothing away from him, I am sure he tried his best to produce the best) himself where as Srilanka were the finalists of the same world cup.

Pakistan was then the runner up in World Twenty20, loosing by 1 ball and 1 shot. Later, Pakistan won in the Kitply cup, and they just didn’t win, they won convincingly. After that Pakistan were runner ups in Asia cup, a match that was not lost without a fight either.

Very recently, Pakistan only lost in the final of Al-Baraka Cup 2008 against Srilanka after coming back from a long leave from international cricket. Again a match that Srilanka just didn’t win … the fight was until the very end.

Inzi should first consider the results of his own senior experienced leadership rather then disturbing the positive flow that Pakistan cricket has witnessed after his exit. He should concentrate on Lahore Badshahs for they just lost the first match against Royal Bengals by “8 wickets” in ICL 20-20 Indian Championship 2008/09.



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