Posted by: qambber | February 22, 2009


After I read the book and saw the movie, two things were obvious :

  1. The next time Edward and his family want to move anywhere for holidaying, Sweden will welcome them with warm … err … cold, dark and gloomy hands.
  2. It is definitely more fun to be a vampire than be a mere mortal. Everyone should get a chance to eternal life and drinking blood feels like a fun thing to do; get some hemoglobin into the system. Chics “dig” that kind of thing these days no? šŸ˜‰

I actually liked the book probably because I was already a fan of all things “Vampire” but also because the book brought fresh concepts and new perspectives about the mystical creatures of the dark. The author nicely morphed a blood thirsty monster into an angel. This has happened in the past with Buffy and Angel (ref: TV Series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”) but Stephenie Meyer definitely took it to another level where being a vampire is better than being a human. I was always happier knowing that Angel couldn’t have sex and burned in sunlight. It gave me the opportunity to mock him =D but this Edward guy makes me go back to the drawing board to find a chunk in his armor. Hell he shines like diamonds in Sunlight!!

All in all much fun and highly recommended both the book and the movie.


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