Posted by: qambber | July 15, 2009

Peeking into Windows 7

And there you have it … we are reaching the brink of the launch of yet another windows version known as “Windows 7”. The launch date has been announced to be October 22, 2009.

I cannot find a logical reason why Microsoft was in such a hurry to bring fourth a new Windows version. However, one possible reason might be that Windows Vista was not impressive enough. They do actually kind of admit that when they market Window 7 by stating that Windows 7 builds on Windows Vista with better perfomance, reliability and easy of use. They also claim that user feedback to Windows Vista has been kept largely under consideration to bring in the features most demanded.

Oh by the way, the Release Candidate for Windows 7 is available for a free on the Microsoft Windows website (and here is the link: Remember that it is only available until August 2008. If you are a technology enthuisiast and want to impress the people at your work place and/or want to help Microsoft find bugs in their new OS version grab a DVD and burn a Windows 7 RC for yourself.

Good luck and have fun =)


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