Posted by: qambber | June 22, 2010

Pakistan says will abide by US sanctions on Iran

The title is quoted from the article (Dated: June 21, 2010) on the online Pakistani newspaper dawn. According to the article, Mr. Richard Holbrook wants Pakistan to wait and see the final legislation before going ahead with the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline deal. The legislation is suppose to put more sanctions on Iran due to its Nuclear Programme. The prime minister of Pakistan, Mr Yousuf Raza Gilani has stated that Pakistan will abide by any sanctions imposed by USA on Iran.

As much as that might be important (and maybe good) with respect to international community in general and USA in particular, it is extremely bad news for Pakistan and the people living (and not to mention suffering) in Pakistan. I do not know much about politics and the dealings of Pakistan at national and international level but Mr. Yousuf Raza Gilani should definitely ask the USA to do more to sort out Pakistan’s energy crisis if it is to be responsible for sanctions that will affect Pakistan’s chances of improving their energy sector.

It is a fact well known world over that Pakistan has already suffered immensely at the hands of the “War on Terror”. Now, if any imposed sanctions on Iran are to create new ways of damaging the already failing and severely troubled energy sector of Pakistan, then the international community especially the USA should step up and do more to rectify this situation. They should help Pakistan in achieving her energy needs. It is sad to see that Pakistan has to suffer at the hands of the international community again and again in its willingness to help them achieve their goals and interests.


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