I was born in Pakistan in the city of Lahore which is known for its cultural richness, food and historical background.

I studied in English medium army and civil institutes, graduated as an IT professional and finished my studies with an MSc. with Majors in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems.

My family values are moderate. My mom is probably more religious than my dad but both definitely have a strong set of beliefs. Apart from that education probably holds the most value and us children are supposed to show super human qualities when it comes to that.

I think I am extremely lucky to have seen a diverse set of different cultures and traditions. I have had the opportunity to travel and live in places such as Iran, Sweden, Germany and UK apart from Pakistan which has opened my eyes to a whole set of different tastes, living standards, styles, mentalities and issues.

I hope this gives my readers a nice background for my writing which might, consciously or unconsciously include a reflection of ideas and thoughts from the above.


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